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The Croydon Childminding Association was established formally in March 1995 and was created in order to support childminders in establishing and maintaining a successful service to parents and carers. The CCMA aims to promote Childminding as a positive childcare option amongst the many choices that are available. 
It is run by volunteer childminders in their spare time. Childminding is a professional, highly flexible, and quality form of childcare that works within the government’s Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Since the introduction of the EYFS in November 2009 all forms of childcare have to work towards the same goals. This means all Registered Childminders provide childcare that aims to achieve the same goals set by Government up until the end of the first year at school. Childminding is now equal to other forms of childcare and provides children with learning opportunities and care in a home based environment.
Croydon Childminding Association aims to raise the profile of childminders through regular events and activities throughout the borough where everyone is welcome to find out more or help. We are here to provide information, resources, guidance and assistance to parents, prospective childminders and established childminders.
There are many benefits for childminders joining the CCMA including meeting a rich and varied set of other childminders. The CCMA can provide information on many areas which are beneficial in developing your business and services. JOIN NOW and access play resources, policy support, training and development information, advertising and discounts.
You can also join the committee and get involved in the decision making and have your voice heard. Come along to the next Committee Meeting to see what it’s all about. The CCMA is designed to support you in your role as a childminder. We’re here to help you get the best out of your business for both you and the families you work with.


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