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Below is an example of a childminder in the borough. This will give you an idea of the standard and variety available amongst the childminders of Croydon


I only registered as childminder in August 2009 and it is the most challenging and rewarding job I’ve ever done. My day starts at 7.45am and begins with providing breakfast for the baby I care for. After that we spend some time playing until it’s time for the first morning nap of the day. Once the baby is awake we can go out and about and visit Children’s Centres, Kidspace, Parks, Play Cafes, the Library – anywhere that provides an interesting social opportunity for the children. If the weather’s not behaving we stay at home and play with toys and musical instruments. Lunch is mainly homecooked and provided at the kitchen table but sometimes we go out for lunch too. Afternoons are often filled with visits from other people with children or are filled with planned activities. These include an indoor sand pit, painting, Playdoh or creating something out of nothing. All the activities provide children with an exciting and interesting way to play and learn through it. After all a child’s job is to play. A childminders job is to tidy up afterwards and keep the sand in one place! After the children have gone home I spend time with my own son and once he’s in bed get to catch up on the paperwork – observations on the child’s development and then how to plan further activities for them.

This is the most intensive, demanding job I’ve ever done as you work alone and can’t stand about the water cooler having a gossip! But it is equally the most satisfying and worthwhile job I’ve done. Being a childminder allows me to make a difference to children’s lives and also to their parents. Knowing that someone can go back to work and be secure in the knowledge that their child is being well cared for in a home environment is the best part of the day.


A Typical Childminding Day
By Julie Wilson

A typical day usually starts at 6.40am. Once I’m up, fed and dressed, I wake up the rest of the family.

After sorting out my own children of 6 and 8, I set the playroom up ready for the children, carrying out a quick risk assessment of the downstairs and garden.

My entire family have to be ready by 7.45am, as my first family arrive at 7.50am.

A knock at the door and the one year old twins and their three year old brother arrive. Mum briefly fills me in about their morning so far, kisses all round and off she goes. ‘D’ hurries excitedly into the playroom to see Harry and Amy. No sooner have I got the girls washed and dressed, then my next family arrive.

The boys have been with me for four years and are now six and ten. They seem like part of our extended family. They kick off their shoes and join everyone in the playroom.

Only 8.00 am and the house is alive with the sound of seven lively children, ready to start their day!! This is my busiest time of the day - school run time! My own children go to a different school to my minded children. My husband is my Registered assistant and is therefore able to do a school run, thank goodness! I take my own children to school, with the twins ( G and E) and Danny walks J, L and D over to the school across the road.

Once I have dropped my two off, the girls fun time begins!!!!!! During the morning I take the girls to either a Stay and Play, Jumping Beans, park, library or another childminders house. Their favourite activity at the moment is Jumping Beans, where there is plenty of space and equipment to practice and develop their walking and climbing skills. They have great fun in the soft playroom, hiding in the balls!

After a very busy morning, we head home for a snack and a nap.
At 11.30 we leave the house and walk to the Nursery to collect D. D comes out of Nursery with a big smile on his face. By the time we get home, D has a huge handful of leaves that he has collected for his Mummy.

Time for lunch. D talks to us about his morning at Nursery and all the fantastic things he has done!
After lunch, it’s time to play. D loves to make camps and “cook” in the home corner……..yum, yum D, thank you for my pineapple and broccoli!!!!

One o’clock already and a knock at the door….D, G, E …Mummy’s here! E walks and G crawls quickly towards the door, D squeals with delight as he sees his Mummy.

Two hours to go, until school runs start again. I tidy the playroom, clearing away the baby toys and replacing them with lego etc. I grab a quick bite to eat and a well earned cup of tea.

Time to juggle - husband now at work….two school runs, in two different areas, both coming out at three fifteen….thank goodness for friends!!!!!!!! I walk over to the school to collect J and L. We all then jump into the car to collect Harry and Amy from my friends house, who has very kindly, yet again, picked them up!
Back home, out of school uniform and time for a snack and a chat about their days’. Homework, reading and time to play, after a long day at school. Their favourite activities after school are - using the lap top, playing hide and seek, lego and going in the garden.

Nearly time for dinner. L likes to help me prepare and cut the vegetables and J likes to lay the table, choosing where everyone sits.After dinner, just time for a one more game of hide and seek, before Mum collects at 6 o’clock.

Not finished yet…….Time to tidy up and prepare for the next day ahead!!!!!!!!!!




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