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Choosing childcare can be a confusing and emotional time as there are many different solutions to the question of who you use to look after your child. You want to have peace of mind and be assured that you are doing the right thing. At the bottom of the page are some parents’ experiences of using childminders. Some parents use them full time, others part time and some parents mix childcare options and use both nurseries and childminder.

Below are some of the advantages in using a childminder. If you have any other questions please contact us through the contact page.

The Advantages of using a Childminder


  • are registered with and regularly inspected by Ofsted
  • can form a close, one-to-one relationship with your child
  • look after your child in a home-from-home family environment
  • often have children of different ages from other families allowing your child to develop in a more natural environment
  • can look after siblings together
  • care for small groups of children so they can take into account the individual needs of each child
  • care for your child in your own community and can easily take part in local clubs and activities
  • can offer flexible hours often without late charges and can start earlier and finish later than nurseries
  • can continue to care for your child once they’ve started school allowing for continuity in their relationship
  • are required to have a CRB check
  • are required to have a valid first-aid certificate and continue to refresh their knowledge annually
  • are required to have their own public liability insurance
  • are required to have had a medical check before being registered
  • can accept childcare vouchers if they have set up an account
  • are self-employed and more motivated to make their business a success

Childminding is the preferred form of registered childcare in England and Wales. No other form of childcare is rated so highly by parents. (PACEY)

Parent using a Childminder Full Time

Using a childminder was the best decision I could have made for both my son and I. The benefits to him have been growing up in a family setting with the homely environment that I would have provided, had I not gone back to work. I didn't have to worry about people coming and going from my son's life as they would do as staff change jobs in a nursery as I knew that the childminder would provide stability and I would be dropping him off everyday with the same person. An added benefit and not one which I originally thought of that he has been used to mixing with children of a variety of age ranges, which I am convinced has helped in his development.

For me, a well as the obvious the benefit of knowing my son is safe, secure and thriving, the best benefit has been the flexibility that a childminder has been able to offer. Commuting to London everyday and being at the mercy of trains is stressful at the best of times but having the added pressure of a nursery shutting up at fixed time would have added to the stress levels. Finally, I think that I have developed a bond with my childminder as the two people who know my son the best.

Hanna Brown

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