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Need childcare, find a childminder

Are you thinking of becoming a registered childminder? There are many reasons to consider a career as a registered childminder a rewarding career; being your own boss and running your own business which fits into your own life are just a few.

As a Registered Childminder you will have the opportunity to:

  • offer children a happy and inspirational home based learning environment
  • see the children you care for grow and develop more closely
  • work from home choosing the hours that work for you and choosing the services you provide – school runs? Under 5’s only? Mondays?
  • have a rich and varied career where no two days are the same
  • care for your own children at the same time if you have a family
  • work in your own local community with local children and families
  • become part of well supported and established network of other childminders

Find out more about becoming a childminder by following this link to the Ofsted requirements

You will now need to attend a course run by Calat which includes training on the Early Years Foundation Stage, a first aid course, a safeguarding children course and information on how to begin the process of childminding. Please contact Daryl Moore on 0208 683 6850 for more details.

If you have English as an additional language or think you may need to improve your basic skills in English and/or Maths, CALAT (Croydon Adult Education) provides courses for everyone.

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