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There are many children's centres around the borough who are there to support your work with your minded children by providing specific sessions for childminders. Below is a chart that shows how a visit to a children's centre helps you to implement the Early Years Foundation Stage.

  Principles into Practice - Effective Practice How a Children's Centre Visit Can Help
A Unique Child
1.1 Child Development: Recognise that babies' and children's attitudes and dispositions to learning are influenced by feedback from others. Meeting lots of other people will allow the children in your care to receive feedback from other people - positive reactions from new people helps develop high self esteem.
1.2 Inclusive Practice: Make sure that you actively promote equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice, ensuring that all children and families feel included, safe and valued. Visiting a children's centre allows the children in your care to mix with children from different backgrounds. This gives them an opportunity to meet people they may not meet in the course of your normal day.
1.4 Health and Wellbeing: Provide opportunities for children to explore, play and learn in a safe and secure environment remembering that children's mobility and movement are important to their development. A children's centre is a secure and safe environment for children to explore. They will have allow children to access different equipement and toys in an enclosed environment where they can move freely.
Positive Relationships
2.1 Respecting Each Other: Recognise the strengths of professional relationships in creating an approach that best meets the needs of individual children. Regular visits to children's centre will allow you to build professional relationship not only with other childmdiners but with the staff or experts they have visiting. They could help you develop a different way of thinking or doing.
2.3 Supporting Learning: Help children to build on prior learning by pitching activities, such as play or a story, at a level that is demanding but still within the child's reach Activities that are planned by centre staff could be more stretching for the children in your care. You can work with them to plan activities for another visit that will help you build a specific skill for a child
Enabling Enviroments
3.1 Observation, Assessment and Planning: When you are planning remember that children learn from everything, even things you haven't planned for. The journey to and from the centre could be just as important as the visit. A children's centre will often have something new that the child has never encountered before that you couldn’t have planned for.
3.3 The Learning Environment: Ensure that children have opportunities to be outside on a daily basis all year round. Most children's centres have access to outside areas which are available all year round. If you live in a flat or don’t use your garden for childminding then a visit to a centre allows for safe outside play.
  The Learning Environment: Create an indoor environment that is reassuring and comforting for all children, while providing interest through novelty from time to time. Children's centres will have access to a wide range of resources that you may not be able to create or provide in your setting. A visit could be the novelty a child in your care needs.
3.4 The Wider Context: Create an indoor environment that is reassuring and comforting for all children, while providing interest through novelty from time to time.
Learning & Development
4.1 Play and Exploration: Provide flexible resources that can be used in many different ways to facilitate children's play and exploration. The resources available at a children's centre will be more varied than those you can offer in your setting. You will be able to access a wide range of resources that you may not want to store in your setting.
4.2 Active Learning: Review your environment to ensure that it is interesting, attractive and accessible to every child so they can learn independently. A children's centre will be visited by different children and they will do different activities - any displays alone will help make the centre an ever changing and attractive place to visit. They will also have resources accessible that you may not have out all the time at home.
4.3 Creativity & Critical Thinking: Ensure that there is a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities. Taking the children in your care to a centre will ensure that there is a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities. You will have led the idea of the children's centre and they will then be able to pick and choose what they do when they arrive.
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